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Here is what is new on this site, last updated 15 January 2014 .

Arduino developments (see Serial).

Updated Sound Card information 9/25/2012

Added a couple of low-cost USB data acquisition boards.

Added an example that implements an event (pulse) counter.  If the pulse repetition rate exceeds about 100 pps, then you need to use external hardware.  See the description here.

Wireless DAQ has arrived.  I've provided this information on National Instruments offerings.

Added an article on the DATAQ DI-194RS serial data acquisition hardware.  See it here.

Added StateLogic: Data Logger, A/D, controller (RS232).

Added Iconics: software GUI tools for OPC.

Updated the Microsoft .NET Microframework information.

Mooseworks Software, LLC information and links added.

The Bluetooth Sensor/Controller Project has just been placed here.

I recently completed a USB data acquisition and control project -- The requirements for this project were comparatively low-speed analog data acquisition on five analog channels (fewer than 10 samples per second), and the system also had to control a number of solenoid operated valves to sequence toxic gasses through the system under test.  Click here for details and scroll down to the Measurement Computing section.

LabJack (Lakewood, CO -- only a few miles from my office).

Pelago Data Acquisition Systems (UK) data logging hardware added.

Recent additions:

IPC Systems Limited (UK) hardware added. 

Added information on the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework.

Updated FAQ page.

Perpetuum Software Instrumentation ModelKit.

Sonar range finderSimple, inexpensive, and cool!

Test and Measurement News magazine has some active updates on the links:

Test and Measurement News homepage.

Test and Measurement News Webcasts and Webcasts archive.

Industry Calendar of Events.

And, here is a search engine from T&M that may be a good source of information specific to your needs.

I recently designed a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) tester that uses a USB based PC data acquisition system from Measurement Computing.  Use this link for a description.

Take a look at PocketPC DAQ if you are interested in data acquisition for Pocket PC devices.

I have used the DATAQ DI-1000TC for temperature measurement using a Pocket PC (HP iPAQ 5555).  Use this link for information.  ActiveWire, Inc USB connected devices were added.  Use this link for information.

Source information for various add-in ISA and PCI DAQ cards was updated.

Mooseworks Visual Instrumentation tools were added to the Windows CE Software page.

DacOCX and the associated Parallel Port data acquisition example (Digital Oscilloscope) updated to run under Windows NT/2K/XP/2003.

Pocket PC and Windows CE data acquisition topics were added.  This was the primary reason for the October, 2003 revisions.

Software resources were updated. 

Additions were made to Serial, ISA, USB and PCI listings.

Some Time Last Year (it all gets fuzzy):

Some PC based data acquisition systems may need a Watchdog to restart critical monitoring (or reboot the computer) if the application "locks-up."  I have created an ActiveX EXE (a COM based out-of-process server) that provides one way to monitor such an application.  The basic idea is that the critical application calls the Watchdog to start monitoring.  Watchdog is configured with parameters that specify a timeout interval and what method will be used if a timeout occurs (best is a system reboot).  The program being monitored must perform regular calls to Watchdog.  The assumption is that a failure to call before the timeout interval expires indicates that the application has "locked-up."  Watchdog then executes the recovery mechanism specified.  You can download the source code for Watchdog and a simple example of its use here.  Watchdog is compatible with Windows 9x/Me/NT/2K.

Real-time processing of A/D data under Windows is not easy.  Windows is not a deterministic OS.  However, there are some things that you can do to improve Windows performance, including VB source code that changes the priority that Windows assigns to your application.  Click here for suggestions. 

Are you in Africa?  See the Eagle Technologies PCI bus A/D boards.


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