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The core of our company emerged in 2002 when the Russian R&D department of 9Rays.Net commenced on software components development and marketing activities. In 2006 the Russian R&D department became an independent subsidiary.

Over the years within 9Rays.Net we have developed several lines of software products designed for Microsoft .NET Framework. The primary focus of their activity is development of software components intended for data processing and visualization.

Perpetuum  produces several software component for .NET developers.  These include Report Sharp-Shooter, a flexible report generator for .NET Framework, Instrumentation Widgets and Instrumentation Widgets for PDA component libraries high-resolution instrumentation controls, and OLAP ModelKit, a universal solution for interactive data processing and analysis.

Of primary interest here is Instrumentation ModelKit, a unique product intended for creation of life-like dashboards, device emulators and graphical user interfaces.  The Instrumentation ModelKit features a designer that runs inside the .NET IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to create UI elements.  The designer view looks like this:

Note that the drawing tools allow you to add features to dials, sliders, gauges, and other control "dashboard" surfaces from a variety of primitive shapes, to add textual content and colors as needed. 

You then add code to connect the Instrument to actual data sources.  Built-in connections are provided to exchange data with OPC Servers.

The I MK includes both VB and C# examples.

You can download demo versions here.


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