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PC data acquisition can encompass more than conventional D/A add-ons.  There are digital oscilloscopes, data loggers, and other D/A add-ons.  These may be PC bus boards, or may use PCMCIA, CompactFlashCard or other interfaces.  Other possibilities are embedded boards that include D/A features.  Here are a few links. 

ActiveWire, Inc makes a series of boards described thusly:  ActiveWire-USB with programmable I/O pins that can interface to anything.  Control the pins from your browser by HTML/ javascript or Visual Basic or C.  Macintosh,  Win95/98/2K/ME/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, and LabView drivers.  These provide an interesting and low-cost avenue to develop simple USB connected systems, or to prototype more complex designs.

Saelig Company

Link Instruments

JK Microsystems

Remote Processing Corporation

Tern Inc


Vesta Technology, Inc.  Vesta provides a BASIC language development environment for their embedded processors that is Windows based, and that is quite like Visual Basic.  This is rather cool!

Sensoray (Ethernet data acquisition)

Bagotronix (DOS Stamp)



Octagon Systems has a variety of computers designed for embedding, including ones that provide A/D and D/A functions.

Microsoft .NET Microframework


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