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Data loggers have too many flavors to list here.  However, they can be categorized by two general distinctions.  They may send data that are acquired to a host, in "real-time,"  without local buffering.  The alternate method that can be used is for the logger to buffer data as acquired.  Subsequently a PC or other device may be connected to off-load this buffered data.  The actual connection might be by direct serial link, modem, or (perhaps) network connection.

Check the links that I provide under Other Serial.  Some of these vendors have data loggers, in addition to more complex serially connected devices.

Here are links to vendors that I have located that offer data loggers for various purposes:

DGH Corporation manufactures a small 4-channel (Model D5000) A/D that may be used for temperature data logging and other applications.  

Onset Computer Corporation sells Thermocouple (temperature) and Carbon Monoxide data loggers.

Pelago have developed a range of data loggers and data acquisition systems for use in Oceanographic, Industrial, Pharmaceutical and Meteorological applications; new advanced data logging systems allow economical data retrieval of remote data.  These include Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Tilt, Compass, voltage, current, flow control, oxygen, turbidity, digital pulse count.

See Fluke for data logging tools.


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