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Some standard, off-the-shelf, data acquisition hardware will work with Windows CE devices, both Pocket PC and embedded.  See Other Serial and Data Loggers.   At this writing, the only other data acquisition hardware that I have found specifically designed for Pocket PCs is described below.   This device appears to be a standard serial port, so, overall, it will be accessed using the same techniques that would be used for other serial devices (see Software).

Not all Pocket PCs will accept add-on hardware.  Make sure that your model is compatible before investing more money!

Compact Flash Data Acquisition Adapter

Data acquisition in a Compact Flash format
Data logger
Data acquisition
Waveform generator
Frequency counter / timer
Custom instruments for OEM's
The DATAQ-CF2 is the first data acquisition device in a Compact Flash format, allowing it to be used in standard hand-held Pocket PCs.

The CF2 is more than just a data acquisition device, as it is supplied with programs so that it operates like a number of dedicated instruments. For field service technicians, the combination of the CF2 and a Pocket PC is easy to carry and has the advantage the recorded data can be analyzed later on a standard PC.

Field service and repair
Portable workshop test
Portable medical instrumentation (e.g. hearing tests)
Integration with an embedded computer for remote monitoring
Custom instruments for OEM's

Hardware Features
Type 2 Compact Flash Card
6 software re-configurable data acquisition channels:
      Four 24 bit analog inputs: 0 to 2.5V or 2.5V
      Two 12 bit analog outputs: 0 to 2.5V
      Four digital I/O channels: TTL
Differential or single-ended analog inputs
Up to 38 kHz sampling, multiplexed
Burst mode sampling or single shot
Digital channel can operate as:
      Counter: 0.3 Hz to 26 MHz
      Pulse-width: 36 nS to 12 hours
Sensor 2.5V reference supply (up to 5mA)
Operates from +5 Volt or +3.3 Volt
Low power consumption: 34mA at 5 volts, 6 mA in sleep mode
32k Byte on board data buffer
Looks like standard COM port for programmers

Software Development Kit:

Now with Labview 7 Express drivers
Drivers supplied: VB, c++ (open source on request)

Free programs included with every CF2 :
frequency /counter / timer
waveform generator
data logger

DATAQ-CF2 CF2 Data Acquisition Card. Includes:
CF2 card, 2m cable with open termination one end, SDK for Visual Basic and C++, user manual on CD.
$1295 + $30 shipping
I have not used this hardware (it is too expensive for me to get it on speculation).  For more information you can use these links (Strategic Test AB in Akersberga-Stockholm, Sweden or Cambridge MA, USA). or (ADPI in the US).

An alternative may be to use a Compact Flash to PC Card (PCMCIA) adapter.  Software support, both driver and application will be an issue.  To date, I have seen no software support for PC Card hardware, except for that furnished by National Instruments for use with Lab View LV PDA software.  See the Software page for more information.  Here is an example of a CF to PC Card adapter.  PCMCIA adapter sleeves also are available at higher cost.

Product Description:

1. Converts any CF Type I / Type II slot into a PC Card slot

2. Flexible, durable, soft circuit board with rubber protection

3. Small, portable, and light weight

4. No driver necessary (the PC Card will need a driver, though)

5. No external power necessary


Wireless LAN cards, Memory Card Adapters, PC Card hard drives, ATA Flash PC Cards, Modem cards, LAN Cards, GPS Receiver Cards, GSM / GPRS Cards, Communications Cards


Operating Voltage - Typical Pocket PC Compact Flash provides 3.3V. The user should confirm if the PC Card operating voltage is compatible with the Pocket PC.

Power Consumption - Typical Pocket PC Compact Flash slot can supply up to 500mA of current. However, some PC Cards may require as much as 700-1000mA.

Driver Availability - The user should first verify if the driver support is provided by the PC Card vendor to use with Pocket PC.

Package Includes:

Compact Flash to PC Card Adapter X 1  (link to seller  about $20 plus shipping and handling charges)


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