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Specifications DacOCX Downloads

Click here to download the DacOCX ActiveX control (about 4.5 MB).  To use this OCX you must have, or plan to purchase, the PC Analog Data Sampler kit 8412-KT from Marlin P. Jones.  See the introductory paragraph (click the Up button) for more information.

Source Code

If you want to purchase Visual Basic 6.0 source code for DacOCX, please send a check for US$10.00 or use this link for credit card orders, with your request to:

Richard Grier
Hard & Software
12962 West Louisiana Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80228

Include your name, address, phone number, and email address.  A ZIP file containing the source code will be sent as an attachment to the email address that you specify.  If you cannot receive email attachments, indicate that fact and I will send the source code on a floppy disk.  Allow one week for delivery of source code by email, and one to four weeks (depending on where you are) for delivery of source code on floppy disk by surface mail.

You can send me email saying that you are mailing a check or credit card order, if you want.  However, I won't be able to send out the source code until your check has been received, or notification that your credit card payment has been credited.

Note:  I am not trying to make money by selling the source code for this ActiveX control.  What I want to do is to cover my handling costs, while minimizing them, and to supply it only to people who have more than a passing interested in it.

Important:  The source code that I furnish is Copyrighted material.  You are granted a license to use the source code in any derivative product, and to modify it freely.  However, I retain all rights to the original source code.  You are not permitted to distribute the source code, modified or not, in any way other than as a compiled executable program or ActiveX control.   You may refer others to this page, where they can order their own copy, or you may make special arrangements with me to distribute source code that you have modified.   You will not be held hostage by this second option (I won't charge sub-licensee's more for this than I would for un-modified source, perhaps less).  Just contact me before you do it.

Source code is provided "as is."   There are no guaranties of any sort, either as to functionality or suitability.   I believe it to be free of defects.  If defects are reported to me they will be fixed, if feasible.  Any updates will be made available to source code purchasers (licensees), free of charge.



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Last modified: 11/25/09
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