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DacOCX DacOCX ActiveX control -- Complete Setup (about 4.4 MB).  This includes Calibrate to calibrate the PC Analog Data Sampler hardware and the PC Analog Data Sampler as a Digital Storage Scope (source code in VB6).

Install the DriverLINX DLPortIO device driver (included) execute the program: port95nt.exe to enable DacOCX under all 32-bit versions of Windows.

Alarm Use the PC Analog Data Sampler to sample an analog input at specified intervals (intervals between 1 second and 1 minute might be "normal").   Specify high and/or low voltage levels that will be used to generate an alarm.   This example uses the MSComm ActiveX control (requires VB6 Pro or Enterprise) to dial a specified telephone number to report the alarm condition.  You must download DacOCX to use Alarm (VB6 source code).
Click this image for a full-sized picture (IOcomp iScopeX component is used on the lower form. When possible, it is more productive to use off-the-shelf HMI components to create user interfaces for data acquisition hardware.  I used the IOComp Professional Instrumentation Package in the example here.  It uses DacOCX to provide the hardware interface, but presents a much more professional image than the version that is included in DacOCX.  Naturally, the extra cost associated with this product may deter some from its use.  However, if you want to be both productive and to provide a professional looking program, I recommend it.  Download source code for this example here (requires DacOCX and IOComp PlotPack or UlraPack).


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