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SDA232 OCX Documentation

B&B Electronics makes a series of data acquisition modules that are appropriate for data logger applications, or other applications that need only limited data acquisition rates.  These modules can provide sample rates up to about 10 samples/S.  Each serial module communicates with the host computer at 9600 bps, and offers varying resolution, 10-bits for the 232SDA10 model and 12-bits for the 232SDA12 model.  Both of the 232SDA series modules provide 11-analog input channels, 3-digital input channels, and 3-digital outputs.  Cost is US$49.95 for 232SDA10 to US$59.95 for 232SDA12. B&B offers other data acquisition modules that I won't discuss in detail here.  See their other offerings on the B&B website (in Europe, use www.bb-europe.com).

The 232SDA series of data acquisition modules offers low cost in a compact package that is fairly easy to use.  The manual that comes with the modules is complete, and gives a fair description of the serial protocol that is used to communicate with them.  Also included in the package is a Windows program that you can use to control the module, and to save acquired data to a file.  This data may then be used in another program.  However, if you want to write a program that communicates directly with the modules, the implementation is left open.

What I have done is to create an ActiveX control (OCX) that encapsulates the serial protocol and provides an easy to use interface to the 232SDA series of modules from any environment that supports ActiveX controls (VB, Access, Excel, Delphi, VC++, etc.).  Click here to view the SDA232 documentation, and to download the OCX and associated files.

I've also created a simple ActiveX DLL that performs most of the same functions of the SDA232 OCX.  This ActiveX DLL may be called from ASP code (such as might be created using Visual Interdev) to provide a web enabled data acquisition system.  I have a simple-minded ASP application that you can use to access your SDA232 hardware from a browser over the Internet.  Click here to view the SDA232 documentation, and to download the DLL and associated files.  The SDA232.DLL has no user interface.  Therefore, all configuration data is done using an external ActiveX DLL that is called from a conventional EXE to configure the SDA232.DLL specifically for each Server on which it executes.  The included TEST.EXE (and associated VB source code) program illustrates its use.  Source code for the SDA232.DLL and associated SDADLLProperties.DLL are available.  Contact me for information.


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Last modified: 11/25/09
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