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There are other A/D systems that interface to the PC printer port.  I have not developed code for any of these systems.  Here are some that I have found.   Note, costs may vary from what I mention here. 



PC Data Acquisition kit 6093-KT (www.mpja.com) 16-digital inputs, 11-multiplexed analog inputs (10-bit A/D), 8-digital outputs, 1-analog output.  Cost about $125.
12-bit resolution Data Acquisition kit 8418-KT (www.mpja.com) 4-digital inputs, 8-multiplexed analog inputs (12-bit A/D), 4-digital outputs.  Cost about $55.
Computer operated 8-channel A/D converter kit 5293-RB (www.mpja.com) 8-multiplexed analog inputs (8-bit A/D).  Cost about $80.
TMCPort modules.  Various configurations (www.lptek.com) 8-channel (8-bit and 12-bit systems).  These systems require a parallel port interface board, in addition to the basic systems.  Digital I/O, Counter/Timer, and Analog output systems are also available.  Prices vary depending on configuration.

LPTek furnishes an ActiveX OCX and drivers for use with Visual Basic« and other Windows application languages.

DacBook.  Probably the highest performance, and highest cost, parallel port systems (various models).  (www.iotech.com) 100 KHz A/D converter, 12-bit (/100 series) or 16-bit (/200 series).   100K reading/s sampling & real-time storage-to-disk.  8 differential- or 16 single-ended inputs, expandable to 256 channels.  Channel/gain sequencing at 10 Ás intervals, including up to 256 expansion channels.  x1, 2, 4, or 8 programmable gain (other gains available with option cards).  512-location scan memory for user-defined channel/gain sequencing of up to 256 channels.  Triggerable from analog, digital, or software, including pre-trigger.  24 general-purpose digital I/O lines, expandable to 192.  16 high-speed digital-input lines, scannable at up to 100 KHz.   Five programmable 16-bit counter-timers.

IOtech provides DaqBook/260 driver support for Visual Basic«, C++, & Delphi for Windows 95/98/NT; Visual Basic & C++ for Windows3.x; QuickBasic, C, & Pascal for DOS; and DASYLab« & LabVIEW«

ADIO12.  An 8-channel, 12 bit resolution, parallel port data acquisition module. (www.bb-elec.com) Each channel is independently software programmable at the following voltage ranges: 0 to +5V, 0 to +10V, -5V to +5V, -10 to +10V. It has four TTL digital inputs and one TTL digital output.  Cost about $95.
PPIO-AIO8.  An 8-channel, 12 bit resolution parallel port analog/digital I/O board. (www.computerboards.com)

Other parallel port boards that may be of interest are PPIO-CTRO6 a counter/timer board (Six 16-bit counters (two 8254 chips)
12-Bits digital I/O), and PPIO-DIO24H a 24-channel, high-drive capability, digital I/O board.

Use on LPT1, 2, 3, 4. Eight 12-bit A/D channels.  7 digital I/O bits. CIO-EXP-16/32 compatible.  Input resolution: 12-bits (1 in 4096)
Input ranges: ▒10V, ▒5V, 0-10V
Range selection: Switch selectable
Max sample rate: 3 KHz
Trigger/timing: software polled
Number of digital I/O bits 7-bits TTL, 4 out, 3 in
Includes InstaCal « , installation, calibration and test software. Supported by UniversalLibrary « (provides programming language support for all DOS and Windows languages). Also supported by most third party, high-level data acq. programs.

Prices for these boards range from US$100 to US$200.

e-Lab, a complete lab bench in a "box."  This product from Mission Technology is easy to use in VB applications, and is quite low cost for the features provided. $500. (www.mission-technology.com) Consists of a two-channel scope, DMM, signal generator (up to 4 MHz), a frequency counter, and a triple-output power supply.  The scope can sample at 50 M S/s, and stores 32K samples.  Sensitivity ranges from 5 V/div to 5 mV/div with a time base that ranges from 10 mS/div to 0.1 uS/div.  The power supply can provide 5 V @ 350 mA and 0-8 V @ 200 mA.  The e-lab also provides three digital outputs for synchronization and control.
Omega Engineering has a huge number of products for industrial automation.  Parallel versions are available for data logging and other applications that require limited performance.
Pico Technology Limited has a series of data acquisition products, both software and hardware. The hardware ranges from low-cost ADC-10/12 and ADC 40/42 (8-bit and 12-bit respectively, single and dual-ended inputs) data loggers; to ADC-11/22, 10-bit units that provide 11 and 22 input channels, respectively.  The ADC-16 is an 8-channel, 16+ bit unit.  Software is provided, as are drivers and examples for a variety of programming languages, including Visual Basic.  Costs range from about $120 to $500.

Of special interest to some will be the Pico oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer products.  These interface to the PC using the printer port, and provide high sample rates and both 8-bit and 12-bit resolutions.



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